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Hello you have reached KANJI TATSUMI who is currently unable to take your call right now. Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you for using the Hinoto-Ri phone services!

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Birthday: January 19th
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Soul Arcana: Emperor
Unlucky Arcana: Chariot, Empress, Priestess & Devil
String Color: [#4E006E]

▼ Personality Snapshot
A gentle giant that looks more fearsome than he really is, Kanji still sometimes questions his skills and abilities, although he's improved thanks to the IT. Not always too bright, quick to anger and sometimes snappish, he does mean well.

...And he really loves cute shit.

▼ Visual
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▶ [Attacking with a Chair]
▶ [Alternate Outfit]

▼ Profile
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▶ [Persona & Battle Quotes]
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C'mere, Take-Mikazuchi! (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
Here goes... PERSONA! (Using Persona skill)
Crushin' time! (Using Persona skill)
Hehe, come on down! (Using Persona skill)
Lay down and die already! (Attack doesn't kill enemy)
Damn, it ain't going down! (Enemy survives attack)
Damn, couldn't finish it! (Enemy survives attack)
Out of my sight, punks! (Battle ends)
Underestimated me, this is what you get! (Battle ends)
Barely a warm-up. (Battle ends)
Alright, powered up! (Level up)
I'll give as much as I got, dammit. (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
Hehe, Persona! (Using Persona skill)
Another Level, gotta keep at it! (On Level Up)
Just say the word and it's go time! (Requesting All-Out Attack)
We can smash 'em all! Let's do it! (Requesting All-Out Attack)
Now's our chance for a beatdown! (Requesting All-Out Attack)
It's my turn! You gotta let me do this! (Requesting Follow-Up Attack)
Yo yo! Let me at 'em! (Requesting Follow-Up Attack)
Armed and ready! (After confirming All-Out Attack)
Bring it on! (Performing All-Out Attack)
I live for this part! (Performing All-Out Attack)
Have at it! (Performing All-Out Attack)
Suck it! (Performing Critical Attack)
C'mon, don't be a killjoy! (After denying All-Out Attack)
Yo, mind if I kick a little ass here? (Follow-Up Attack)
Hehe, you ready for this? (After confirming Follow-Up Attack)
I'll send you to hell! (Performing Follow-Up Attack)
Go, Yosuke-senpai! (Cheering on Yosuke)
Awesome, Naoto! (Cheering on Naoto)
Damn, you messed with the bull, you get the horns! (Recovering from down/dizzy)
I got a level, gotta keep at it! (Level up)
I ain't gonna fall behind! (After you level up)
There you go! (Performing Help Recover)
Eat this! (Scoring a Critical Hit)
Get Bent! (Scoring a Critical Hit and Follow-Up Attack)
Amagi-senpai, seriously cool! (Cheering on Yukiko)
Man, she is unreal! (Cheering on Yukiko)
Go to town, Senpai! (Cheering on MC)
Cheers! (being healed)
Sorry... (Being Healed)
So, you want a beating. (Entrance)
Hold it right there! (While performing Added Cruel Attack move)
Don't just lie there! (While performing Added Cruel Attack move)
This'll hurt! (While performing This'll Hurt! move)
Stab 'em! (While performing This'll Hurt! move)
Gotcha! Go down! (While performing Gotcha! move)
I see ya! Thunder time! (While performing Gotcha! move)
Take that! (While performing Bet Ya Can't Take This! move)
Bet Ya Can't Take This! (While performing Bet Ya Can't Take This! move)
Hope you're ready! (When hit while performing Reversal Action, What a Pain!)
Alright! One more! Smackdown! (While performing super move, Ass-Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style)
Better don't move! Blast off! (While performing super move, Ass-Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style)
Time to end this! C'mon! Crush 'em to dust! (While performing super move, Burn to a Crisp!!)
This'll finish you off! Nowhere to run! Thunder! Burn to a Crisp!! (While performing super move, Burn to a Crisp!!)
Let's finish this! (Initiating Instant Kill, The Man Series: Brofist)
Get ready to hurt! Here it goes, dammit! Feel my power! Right! (While performing Instant Kill)
Thank you senpai! (Defeated by Yu in any match)
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In Character Information
Name: Kanji Tatsumi
Series: Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena
Canon Standing: After waking up in the TV world during the events of Arena, right before meeting Yosuke.
Age: 15
Birthday & Astrology Sign: January 19th, Capricorn
Arcana: The Emperor

He is the king-hearted sewing-loving human-bulldozer.

To understand Kanji better, one must first look at his past and know that inside, he is an individual who actually doesn't enjoy violence unless it's necessary (or a competition). Yeah, trust me, you'd never know this seeing him. He follows his mother's strict curfew to the letter and cares deeply about those he has formed bonds with. It would be hard to guess that Kanji's hobbies are sewing, knitting and Hawaiian Quilts (I don't know why Hawaiian specifically either). Actually, like a lot of the members of the Seekers of Truth, Kanji's personal life would be hard to guess when he's involved. Making it worse is that he desperately wants to be accepted for who he is, and fears rejection. It is something he has been fighting with all his life and he understands he will continue to have those problems for a long while.

That's mostly due to a few events in his life which shaped him up to where he is now. Like all members of his team, he comes with an excessive baggage that gets slowly unwrapped as you play the game. Kanji's main problem is, however, wanting to be a man while he feels what he is doing is too 'girly'. Basically, enjoying what is typically thought as female activities (cooking, cleaning, sewing) in traditional Japan that isn't as accepting of guys doing that. It caused him to lash out at everyone in an attempt to prove that he was a real man, but in the end left him with everyone being afraid and leaving him alone and even questioning his sexually after he met Naoto, had a small crush on her and thought she was a guy. And do to his previously mentioned fear of rejection, it made him extremely jumpy and hateful. For a time, anyway.

Thankfully, like all of his team, Kanji's biggest personality turning point was facing his own Shadow. After realizing his own faults and problems and accepting himself for who he was, the real Kanji started to emerge and the people who ended up helping him became good friends. They found someone who was surprisingly polite and caring. Those close to him could finally get to to see more of Kanji for who he really is. Oh and his crush on Naoto never left him, even when he found out he was a she. He tends to blush whenever he gets too nervous around her. Too bad she's rather clueless herself in that department...

Kanji is...sometimes not very bright. Falling asleep, then tripping inside the TV world, THEN believing it was just all a totally sweet and awesome dream? Very few guys could pull it off like he did. He tries, really, but he's what you might call 'sometimes a wee bit over his head'.

Surprisingly, despite skipping so many classes and being terrible in most subjects, Kanji apparently holds promise. Yu mentions that it is just his perceived image of what a man should be that he blocks himself from reaching his true potential. Too bad it can't stop him from falling inside TV sets. And this is true in many things - instead of taking what should be an easier path, Kanji will sometimes ask himself WWAMD (What would a Man Do) which does lead to him making some less than useful decisions (like punching out entire biking gangs in his neighborhood because the noise they made woke up his mother who couldn't sleep). However, he will have incredibly bright flashes of intuition, such as being the first to put on his glasses when they notice the fog has been appearing in the real world. These are, however, offset by all the things he DOESN'T do.

Thankfully if problems are replaced with things he actually understands, such as sewing and knitting, he can draw really good parallels.

For hiding all those skills away for so long, Kanji's actually been coming out of his shell in that aspect as well. Not only because of Yu's help, but taking his cues on how Naoto is dealing with similar problems. Kanji really respects his older classmates, calling then all senpei, despite Yosuke's constant teasing of him. He's been giving lessons to the nearby neighbors in sewing and knitting, and his dolls are being sold regularly in the family textile factory. He's actually pretty damn happy and proud of this fact. Not bad for a guy that a year ago barely had any friends and could only respond by being threatening.

And look threatening he does when Kanji wants to be, especially around authority figures (old habits are hard to shake off, after all), but he surprisingly speaks politely to his seniors and his friends. Of course when he's surprised or flushed he tends to go back to old habits, for example, he will call his mother Old Hag when he's angry with her, but then goes right back to calling her Mom. Considering he hadn't had any good friends for a long while, he is really protective of them. In those who listen he won't stop talking about them. If anyone on his team gets threatened, he'll be there to crack some skulls, despite his hate of violence in general. It's just his natural protective streak...not to mention the fact he is easy to get riled up.

Once upon some murders happen in rural Japan it was pretty special and then some tournament happened in an "arena" but Kanji just thought it was a dream and still thinks he is dreaming.

Canon Powers:
>>Persona: Since these get changed in the game, this does not need to be detailed here
>> Punching (Strike) Kanji has a pretty mean punch.

Canon Weapons|Items:
Chairs: (Strike) These are your typical chairs you might find anywhere. Made of metal, he has a few on hand in his apartment. They don't break easily and are useful for whacking things.
Perun Plate : (Strike, Lightning) This is a fancy item that Kanji carries around. It looks like a mirror and is near impossible to break. The weapon also increases his lighting powers by 25%

Canon Baggage:
- A lot of sewing materials including his sewing machine, yard, pretty frilly things...
- His wardrobe
- Toiletries including his hair dye (enough to last him for maybe a few months)
- Around 20 knitted toys that he made himself.
- A copy of when he was on TV that Yu made

WEAK: Wind, Mind | REFLECTS: N/A | ABSORBS: Lightning | BLOCKS: Physical | RESISTS: Earth

▶ Cruel Attack (Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage on one enemy with even greater power on Downed enemies.)
▶ Rakukaja (Increases an ally's Defense.)
▶ Mazionga (Inflicts a medium amount of Lightning damage on all enemies)
▶ Power Charge (The next normal attack, physical skill, or Almighty physical attack will be 2.5 times greater in power. Self.)
▷ Ziodyne (Inflicts a large amount of Lightning damage on one enemy)
▷ Vile Assault (Inflicts a large amount of Physical damage on one enemy with double the power on Downed enemies.)
▷ Heat Riser (Increases an ally's Attack, Defense and Agility)
▷ YOU WANT SOME?! (50% chance of inflicting the Fear, Confusion or Rage ailment on all enemies.)
★ The Man Series: Brofist (Inflicts a large amount of lightning and physical damage on one enemy up to three times.)

▶ Apt Pupil (Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.)
▷ Lightning Amp (Increases Lightning damage output by 50%.)
▷ Resist Wind (Reduces damage from Wind attacks. Voids weakness to Wind.)


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